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 Hey! I get a lot of emails—more than I'd care to admit. The worst part is, most are ones that I'd like to respond to. They might be emails from a coach looking get better, a frustrated athlete, a student looking to crack into the pro sports industry, sports parents, about a speaking opp or a business pitch. Other times they're from people who have read my posts and want to meet up. Or, they're from friends.

I want to connect. Yet, there are days when I don't get to them all. I'm one person and I do prioritize family, health, and pre-existing commitments. I also do things like write newsletters (here and there). The fountain flows freely and it's where I answer most questions (since the answer to one person's question often serves many others). 

If you’d still like to get in touch, there are a few rules to follow:

  • "I promise it's not regarding something I could spend 1 minute Googling."
  • "I promise this is not a sales/product pitch, a press release, a request to guest post."
  • "I read your thoughts on getting into pro sports, but I still have a burning question deeper than, 'I'd like to pick your brain'."
  • And last, but not least... "I'm familiar with Robert's Rules of how to email a busy person and get a reply."

We good? If so, hit me up, I really do love quality connections. 


Oh... If you were referred to this page by me, then your email didn’t follow the above rules.

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